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A bighearted tale spanning roughly 80 years in 80 minutes and filled with narrative jolts, enormous laughs, and aching heartbreak, The Big Meal tells the extraordinary story of an ordinary family, beginning with the first meeting of 20-somethings Nicole and Sam. As Dan LeFranc's saga progresses from their first kiss to their final goodbye, the show's actors portray Nicole and Sam at various ages along with all manner of relatives, friends, and acquaintances, with each performer assuming between two and eight roles apiece.

Performances March 4 through March 20, 2016.


"Masterfully directed and paced by QCTW veteran Mike Schulz. The top-notch cast embody [their characters] with deep emotional commitment and concentrated conviction. This filling Big Meal gets you where you live."
- Jonathan Turner, The Dispatch-Argus

Michael Carron
Erin Churchill
Angela Elliott
Brody-Tucker Ford
Laila Haley
Jordan McGinnis
Joshua Pride
Abby Van Gerpen
...and featuring Sara Bolet as "The Server".

Director: Mike Schulz
Production Manager, Stage Manager: Lis Athas
Scenic Designer: Matt Elliott
Lighting Designer, Technical Director: Zach Meyer
Costume Designer: Kristin Meyer
Sound Designer: Calvin Vo