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Socially inept grad student Jules knows a little something about the approaching apocalypse. Through his clever planning and a carefully-worded online personal ad luring undergrad Jo to his subterranean research lab, Jules is ready to repopulate the human race.

Unfortunately, Jo has no interest in motherhood...

...and Jules is gay.

Can this mismatched pair pull it together in time to save the human race? What's the deal with that fish in the aquarium? And just who is that mysterious woman pulling levers and banging on drums?


"[The actors] invest their colorful roles with
uncommon ferocity, anguish, and poignance."
- Jonathan Turner, The Dispatch-Argus

"Still it's [Angela] Elliott's laughter that keeps ringing in my ears, and brings a smile to my face, as I recount how much fun I had... Her yucks and sniggers - to say nothing of Nachtrieb's smart humor and a production that matches his wittiness - are
not to be missed."
- Thom White, River Cities' Reader

"It's absurdist at times and often all too real,
and it coaxes a great deal of laughter out of its audience.
Unless you're trapped in an underground bunker of your own, it's worth attending."
- David Burke, Quad-City Times

Thomas Alan Taylor
Thomas Alan Taylor
Jess Denney
Jess Denney
Angela Elliott
Angela Elliott

Lighting Designer

Tyson Danner
Tyson Danner
Asst Director
Stage Manager
Props Designer
Mike Schulz
Mike Schulz
Scenic Designer Kenn Brinson
Kenn Brinson
Costume Designer Kris Meyer
Kris Meyer
House Manager Erin Churchill
Erin Churchill
Box Office Manager
Daniel DP Sheridan
Daniel DP Sheridan
Marketing & Web Jeff De Leon
Jeff De Leon