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The Pillowman

Set in an unnamed police state under the control of a fascist regime, The Pillowman is the tale of fiction writer Katurian, whose violent short stories appear to have inspired a series of recent, gruesome murders. As he's interrogated by the “good cop/bad cop” pairing of detectives Tupolski and Ariel, several of the author's stories come to life as mounting evidence suggests the homicidal involvement of both Katurian and his traumatized brother Michal.

Filled with suspense, piercing drama, and unexpected hilarity, The Pillowman is a thrilling stage entertainment that also explores the powers and perils of storytelling, and its 2005 Broadway production earned two Tony Awards among the six nominations the play received. With the New York Times describing The Pillowman as “a spellbinding stunner of a play” and Newsday calling it “chilling and strangely enchanting,” McDonagh's exceptional work was also lauded with England's Laurence Olivier Award and the Evening Standard Award for Best Play of the Year.

Performances October 30 through November 15, 2015.


"Under Danner's direction and with a talent-rich ensemble, QCTW's Pillowman succeeds in both gritty reality and gruesome fantasy. ...powerful and disturbing, but brilliantly presented"
- David Burke, Quad-City Times

"...consistently creepy, disturbing and utterly mesmerizing. This is a uniformly superb cast that makes the most out of this challenging, deliciously dramatic material."
- Jonathan Turner, The Dispatch-Argus

Michal: James Fairchild
Boy: Brody Ford
Girl: Laila Haley
Father: Sam Jones
Ariel: Cole McFarren
Mother: Brooke Schelly
Tupolski: Mike Schulz
Katurian: Thomas Alan Taylor

Director: Tyson Danner
Stage Manager: Jo Vasquez
Asst. Stage Manager & Props Designer: Cydney Roelandt
Scenic Designer & Technical Director: Matt Elliott
Costume Designer & Makeup Designer: Ashlea Meyer
Asst. Makeup Designer: Camilla Best
Lighting Designer: Robert Poston